Colleges and universities held Qinglan Engineering and famous teacher training pilot work and "Ruqiusheng electromechanical technology Application famous teacher Studio" young teachers training exchange meeting

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        The afternoon of October 13th,Qinglan Project · Master Training pilot work and "Ruqiusheng electromechanical Technology Application Master Studio" young teachers training exchange meeting was held in the conference room on the third floor of Graphic Information Center,Wang Zhenjun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the college and director of the Customs Work Committee,Liu Rurong, former secretary of the Party Committee of the college and executive deputy director of the Customs Work Committee,"Ruqiusheng electromechanical technology application master studio" host Ruqiusheng teacher,"Blue Project · Famous teacher Cultivation" first trial teaching teachers and representatives of young teachers,Party office staff attended the meeting,The meeting was presided over by Zhang Yi, director of the Party Office and Secretary General of the Customs and Work Committee of colleges and universities。

        会上,Secretary Wang, on behalf of the college Party Committee, welcomed and thanked the old comrades and young teachers who participated in the meeting,I thank the old comrades for their interest in the development of academic institutions,Give up the rest time to make suggestions for the development of the school and do their best;Thank you for your active participation in the Blue Project and famous teacher Training activities,Continuous exploration and development,Strive to grow into the frontline backbone of the school。Under the care and guidance of the relevant departments at the higher level, the school has made some achievements。Secretary Wang said that the experience and prestige of the old comrades are valuable assets of our school, and under the guidance of the new Customs Work Committee, our work will be more distinctive, bright and effective。

Liu Ru Rong, executive deputy director of the Customs Work Committee, introduced the background of the "Blue Engineering · Famous teacher cultivation" pilot project at the meeting,Said that colleges and universities customs work committee to build a good "blue project • teacher cultivation" platform,Focus on the growth needs of young teachers,Efforts should be made to improve young teachers' teaching and research ability and enhance their professional quality and comprehensive ability,Efforts to help the development of youth education。

        Xin Jianfeng, the representative of young teachers, shared his experience in Qinglan Project and Master Studio, hoping that young teachers will continue to hone and improve themselves in the two major platforms, and become an excellent teacher who can work independently as soon as possible。

         The school invited the host of "Ruqiusheng Mechanical and electrical technology application master Studio", Ru Qiusheng, to the theme of "Qinglan Project and Master Studio in the same direction", to introduce the development process, results and positive role of the master studio in detail for teaching teachers and young teachers。Teacher Ru said that with the deepening of cooperation between the Blue Project and the famous teacher studio, this project will train more outstanding young teachers for our school and improve the quality and efficiency for the high quality development of the school。

         The "Blue Project • Famous Teacher Cultivation" pilot project is a Shanghai Education system Customs Work Committee project applied by the school in 2021,Through the recommendation of "blue project" students to enter the school's two "master studios" exercise and improvement,Build a platform to help young teachers develop,It has effectively improved the level of teachers,It has obvious effect on the cultivation of students,Effective results have been achieved in cultivating high-quality workers and skilled technical personnel。

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Article: Zhu Likun/Photo: Yin Xiaowei