[Good news] Our students achieved good results in the "Higher Education Cup" National University Map Generation Competition and the "Above Cup" Advanced mapping technology competition

Published by: Zhu LikunRelease time: 2022-08-19Number of views:30

  Recently, the national finals of the 15th National College Students Advanced Mapping Technology and Product Information Modeling Innovation Competition came to an end。In this competition, the Vocational College participated on behalf of the Shanghai University of Engineering Science and Technology Yixianlu Campus team, and won the first prize of mechanical Inspire optimization and innovation, and also won two third prizes of mechanical individual all-around。


  Earlier, the awards of the 12th "Top Image Cup" Advanced Mapping technology Competition were also announced, and this year the Top Image Cup was included in the preliminary competition of the National University Mapping Competition。The Higher Vocational College performed well and won 1 first prize of the group, 2 second prizes of the group, 3 first prizes of the individual, 9 second prizes of the individual and the second prize of the innovative design competition。





  The 15th "Higher Education Cup" National College Students Advanced Mapping Technology and Product Information Modeling Innovation Competition finals was successfully held in Jiangsu University。1040 national teams and 10344 players participated in the competition。The competition is co-sponsored by the Cartographic Technology Committee of China Cartographic Society, the Product Information Modeling Committee of China Cartographic Society, the Organizing Committee of the National College Students Advanced Mapping Technology and Product Information Modeling Innovation Competition, and Jiangsu University。The purpose of the competition is to cultivate students' craftsman spirit, stimulate students' innovative consciousness, explore the development direction of graphics, and innovate the methods and means of mapping carriers。The 12th "Picture Cup" Advanced Mapping Technology Competition is sponsored by Shanghai Education Commission and supported by Shanghai Science and Technology Association。This competition guides teachers to explore a new way to reform the basic curriculum of engineers in colleges and universities, so that students can fully master advanced mapping technology and means。

  This year, teachers Chen Yan, Zhu Yingxiang and Yu Qizhi from the Basic Teaching Department will guide the competition online。Judging from the result,Not only has the number of awards increased,And the scope of the award has been further expanded,Zhu Binhua, Lu Maomao and Duan Tengfei made joint efforts to complete the innovative work for the first time won the "Above Cup" innovative design module award,This also laid a solid foundation for winning the first prize of "Higher Education Cup" lightweight optimization innovation design for the first time。From the perspective of the process, all the participating students consolidated their graphic knowledge through the competition, learned advanced mapping technology, overcame various unfavorable factors, and demonstrated the artisan spirit of daring to explore without fear of difficulties。

                Zhu Yingxiang, Basic Teaching Department of Higher Vocational College and Advanced Technical School (Photo)