With a solid "four history" learning education, the formation of a strong force to promote the high-quality development of college and school vocational education

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    "Four Histories" learning education allows us to think more deeply about "where to come from, where to go??This fundamental proposition must not forget the way we came, and continue to walk the road ahead。The Party Committee of the senior technical school regards the study and education of "four histories" as an important political task to establish a long-term mechanism of "not forgetting the original intention and keeping the mission in mind",以学思践悟习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想作为主线,Sow the Seeds of Learning,Further build a solid ideological foundation in the process of learning history and knowing history,Draw strength,Lay a solid ideological foundation for promoting the high quality development of the college and the university。

   The first is to establish a long-term mechanism of learning and education, and do a good job in "four histories" learning。 May 12, 2020,Higher vocational colleges and senior technical schools held a study meeting of the central group of the Party Committee,To "carry out the deployment requirements of the Municipal Party Committee, the municipal education and health work Party Committee and the school Party Committee on the" four histories "learning and education tasks,We will ensure that the Party's decisions and arrangements are concrete and detailed,Promoting high-quality development of education",It opened the prelude of "four histories" learning and education。The college and the university Party Committee have set up a leading group for learning and education of "Four Histories",Many times held the "four history" study and education special meeting to study and deploy the "four history" study and education work,A learning and education implementation plan has been formulated,The "five-in-one" and "four-history" learning mode of Party committees, party branches, party members and cadres, ordinary party members, teachers and students and employees has been constructed,39 learning and education activities of "Four histories" were organized and classified,Strengthen the theoretical arming of teachers, students and staff。

   The second is to adhere to the four combinations, expand red resources, and enrich learning and education forms。In the "four histories" learning, adhere to the combination of leading and promoting learning, adhere to the combination of concentrated learning and independent learning, adhere to the combination of online and offline learning, adhere to the combination of prescribed actions and self-selected actions。Give full play to the leading role of the theoretical learning center group of the Party Committee, give play to the role of the members of the leadership team in leading and promoting learning, and under the above rate, the demonstration will drive the grass-roots party branches to follow up the study, so that the "four histories" learning and education will be colorful and enter the brain and heart。The theoretical Learning Center group of the Party Committee and the expanded learning group carried out 46 collective learning times,Professor Zhou Jingqing of the Party School of the Shanghai Municipal Committee and Professor Yan Yunlou, a member of the school's "Four Histories" learning and education lecture group, have been invited to carry out seven special counseling reports such as "The achievements and experience of the Communist Party of China" and "The cause of the Party is more important than the Mountain: From Chen Yun to see the original heart and character of the Communists"。Party members and cadres are fully committed to learning by themselves, making full use of information technology means such as the school Party network, the campus network, the wechat public number, and the learning power platform。The Party committee of the college began to plan training courses for the improvement of cadres' theoretical literacy and performance ability in combination with the "four histories" learning education, and organized and carried out hierarchical, systematic and continuous training for party members and cadres。Carry out research and exchange of newly appointed cadres, so that the majority of party members and cadres can think, learn and learn, apply the learning results to the learning work, and promote the reform and innovation of various undertakings from concept to practice to promote the high-quality development of the academic institutions。The college and the school carried out the online "Four Histories" learning exchange meeting and school-leaving education activities with the theme of "Putting the original heart on the action and putting the mission on the shoulder", so that the student party members would firm their ideals and beliefs in the study and practice of enlightenment, inherit the red gene, maintain the political character forever, and practice the original heart and mission in the process of striving for success。The college and the university are closely combined with the rich red resources of Shanghai, the new practice of Shanghai's reform and opening up, and the reality of the university,Give full play to the advantages of co-building bases,Carry out red search activities,Organize party members and cadres to go to Shanghai Jinshan Red Education Base, major conference site,,Lieshan Cemetery, Jinshan District planning Exhibition Hall, museum carried out to "keep in mind the original mission.,Inherit the red gene "as the theme of learning and education activities,Let party members and cadres experience and feel the revolutionary tradition and spirit on the spot,Further enhance the ideals and beliefs of party members and cadres,Sense of responsibility and mission。

   The third is to seriously implement the system of connecting leading cadres with the grassroots and establish a three-dimensional party lesson system。Colleges and universities actively carry out the construction of "four history" learning and education "great project" model Party lessons,Form a party class matrix integrated into the specialty characteristics of the discipline,Carry out college leaders, cadres "great project", thematic education topics, fine Party courses and "Micro school history - Seventy years of knowledge" ideological and political courses,The members of the leading group of colleges and universities take the lead in teaching the Party lesson of "four histories" learning and education,The branch secretary combined with "four histories" to give special party lessons,Party members and cadres follow up。583 higher vocational freshmen in 2020 and 301 secondary vocational graduates listened to the Party lessons successively, which promoted the further deep integration of the "four histories" learning education with the college and the school's ideological and political education system。The Party branch regards "four histories" as an important content of "three meetings and one lesson",Carry out the activities of "writing Party lessons, speaking Party lessons, listening to Party lessons, and evaluating Party lessons",Hold the "four history" learning and education theme Party day,Use new media and various online platforms to learn resources,Carry out special micro party lessons on Party history,In the form of micro party class relay,Each Party member will relay the micro Party lesson。The college, the university Party Committee and the subway maintenance company jointly carried out the "in-depth study of the four histories.,Adhere to the original mission "learning" four history education "situational party lessons,In the subway maintenance company and Yu Garden joint Youheng Museum jointly built "Back to the house" exhibition hall,Visited a special "Four histories" scene party lesson performed by young Party members volunteers for subway maintenance,Look back at history in a situational party lesson,Draw wisdom,Stick to the original mission。

   Fourth, "four histories" learning and education polish the background of young people and take the Long March road of the new era。The college implements the "Four History" education and "Lighthouse Pilot program" for the school's youth, and the Qingma Research Practice Group conducts theoretical courses in the "button classroom" jointly set up by the school's multi-department, guiding young students to buckle the first button in life。To carry out the theme of "Following the glorious footsteps of the General Secretary" social practice activities for college students,Around the school "four history" learning education overall program,通过开展“追随习近平总书记光辉足迹”大学生主题社会实践活动,Students carry out investigation practice with specific questions;By carrying out the Great Communist theme practice project in Shanghai。The project takes the industry development story and Shanghai city spirit as the entry point,Young students seek out a number of Party alumni in their professional fields,Explore their pioneering and exemplary role in the industry and enterprise,So as to further clarify their own goals and direction of struggle,Let students strengthen their ideals and beliefs in thinking and practicing enlightenment,Firmly integrate the youth dream into the great Chinese dream。

   The fifth is to innovate the learning and education form of "four histories" and improve the effect of "educating people with history"。Focus on the 70th anniversary of the school,Fully tap the 70-year development history and realistic resource advantages of high technical schools,With 70 years of unswerving adherence to the party's education, education for the country's initial mission of entrepreneurship, struggle history and development history,Organize and launch the "Four histories + School history +X" study among teachers, student party members, retired party members, department party members and the masses,Carry out a series of educational activities,Tell a good story。Party members, faculty and staff will "four history" learning and education combined with their own growth process to write personal "micro school history", show the spirit of entrepreneurship and struggle, and enhance the love of school and honor school history view。We will create a work model of "Party building + employment" and vigorously promote employment。Through the joint study with Shanghai City Investment Water Group, I understand the century-old history of Shanghai's urban water supply, feel the profound meaning of "the people's city is built by the people, the people's city is for the people", set up "customized water class" to better serve the people of Shanghai, and promote the "dual" education of schools and enterprises。Through school visits and off-campus visits, we have strengthened our will to take the road of "production, education and integration" and the talent training mode of "four synergies" with industries and enterprises, and more clearly defined the importance of vocational education running schools "relying on modern industry to serve economic and social development"。Party branches transform the Party's strong political advantages, the advantages of grassroots organizations and the advantages of close ties with the masses into advantages in promoting employment,We will actively expand employment channels for graduates,By taking the "Go out,The method of "bringing in" actively contacts the enterprise units,Timely grasp of job information and enterprise requirements for jobs,Provide employment for graduates,Help graduates "find jobs early, get a good career"。Party members have shown depth, temperature and strength in the work of Party building to drive employment, focusing on improving the quality of employment services and the level of job search guidance, organizing party members and teachers to carry out "one-to-one" help students with employment difficulties, guiding unemployed students to find employment early, and winning the honorary title of "advanced collective employment work" in the school。1 person won the advanced employment worker of Shanghai Education Commission in 2020。

   The sixth is to promote the joint construction and linkage of regional Party building and promote the extension of learning and education of "four histories" to the society。Based on giving full play to the advantages of party building and integrating into regional party building, the college and the university Party Committee actively explore the aspects of serving regional development, promoting collaborative education, and carrying out public welfare services with the voluntary service platform as the carrier。The Party Committee has cooperated with the Party Working Committee of Jiangwan Town, Hongkou District for more than ten years,On this basis, a number of party building projects such as the joint construction with the General Party Branch of the Memorial residential area, the joint establishment of community innovation House project by the Party branch of the Manufacturing Engineering Department and the Jiedao Community Culture Center of Jiangwan Town, Hongkou District, were carried out,Under the joint efforts of "school enterprise administration",The Party building and joint building activities are in the same line,Some achievements have been made in the regionalization of party building。The Party Committee and the Jiangwan Town Street Party Working Committee carried out a joint study of "four histories" learning and education in Hongkou School District. The meeting focused on the theme of "Party building leads and promotes joint efforts, Co-construction and promotes development", and further deepened the tripartite cooperation of "school, enterprise and government" and conducted a deep learning discussion。College, school hand in hand Jiangwan town street,District, school linkage,For the first time, the "Four Histories" study and education of Shanghai University of Engineering Science was taught by Ni Zhiyong, the member college of the "Four Histories" study and education group and the secretary of the Party Committee of the school, and the thematic party lesson "The history of the Communist Party of China and the Sinicization of Marxism" was taught on-site + "Cloud Party lesson" and "cloud live broadcast",Online and offline synchronous learning。In addition to the party members who participated in the on-site learning, more than 1,100 party members from the party branches and higher vocational colleges and senior technical schools under the administration of Jiangwan Town Street listened to the live "Cloud Party class" online and accepted the baptism of red education。Tell the four stories well, inherit the red gene。In 2018, the college, the university and the four major memorial halls of the Communist Party of China signed an agreement on co-construction of Party spirit and Party history education,The Red Culture Communication Volunteer Service team of Vocational College of Shanghai University of Engineering Science was established,It is composed of party members, teachers, youth members and active members of the league,In the form of party members leading members,Give full play to the advantages of each professional skill,Provide special volunteer explanation services for the four memorials。The cumulative service hours of the Party history volunteer docents have reached more than 5,500 hours, serving more than 3,000 people, and the volunteer service team has been awarded the outstanding volunteer service team of the four major Memorial halls of the Communist Party of China for many years。"Learning, thinking, practicing enlightenment, strengthening faith and striving to serve the country" -- Cheng Mengyuan was selected as an official member of the Shanghai Students' Red Culture Communication Volunteer Service Team, and carried out red culture communication on behalf of Shanghai。On behalf of the school's "four major" volunteers, Cheng Mengyuan gave a wonderful speech "Be a good history lecturer and walk the Long March Road", which fully demonstrated the mission and responsibility of contemporary youth and was published in the "Learning Power"。

   Look back to the history to draw strength, temper the original heart brave mission。In ensuring that the "14th Five-Year Plan" opens a good bureau, takes a good step, meets the centenary anniversary of the founding of the Party with excellent results and meets the historical convergence of the "two centenary" goals, we must further learn the history of the Party and realize ideas to do practical work to open a new bureau。The College and the school will adhere to the concept of "people first" and "teachers and students first",The study of Party history is closely combined with the central work and key tasks,To promote the solution of practical problems in the development of colleges and universities as the starting point for carrying out "Four Histories" learning education and the "touchstone" for testing learning results,Inspire and guide party members and cadres to be passionate, creative and responsible,Always preserve the original aspiration and true nature of Communists,We will promote the development of modern and new first-class vocational and technical colleges with distinctive characteristics in China,Strive to write a new chapter in the development of a new era。