5-19 [Indicator Description] Service guarantee

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   Establish a school safety unit to establish a working mechanism, sign a safety responsibility letter, establish and improve safety, stability, confidentiality and other work systems。Establish and improve the school emergency response plan and emergency information reporting mechanism。Carry out safety education, and regularly organize escape, air defense evacuation and other drills。With the creation of "safe units" and "safe and civilized campus" as the carrier, the school has incorporated the creation of a safe and civilized campus into the overall work plan of the school, continued to carry out the creation of a safe and civilized campus, and made efforts to improve the school safety risk prevention and control system, constantly improve the safety awareness and protection awareness of teachers and students, and optimize the school education environment。The university has established an emergency response plan and an emergency information reporting system, regularly carries out fire prevention, anti-theft and explosion-proof inspections in key places, and improves the safety management system for dangerous goods and laboratories。The school traffic management is orderly。The construction of technical defense system meets the standards, promotes the construction of smart security, and actively remediates the surrounding environment of the campus。Sign the safety responsibility letter with relevant functional departments every year according to the post requirements, and gradually establish and improve the emergency response plan and emergency information reporting mechanism。Carry out fire, car and other safety inspection vehicles and carry out evacuation and other drills。Completed the "Campus security intelligent management equipment", replaced 112 infrared alarm systems throughout the year, and replaced 368 surveillance cameras;The school transportation facilities and signs are complete and eye-catching。The school has won the honorary title of "Safe and Civilized Campus" in Shanghai for many years。

   Carry out the establishment of civilized dormitories and canteens, and continue to promote the construction of 6T standardization。The school canteen has complete facilities and reasonable prices to ensure health and safety。The school life facilities are complete and intact, the service is standardized, and the supervision is strong。The school conducted the post skills examination for dormitory managers in three batches to strengthen the proficiency of post skills;Canteen management standard, health and safety。Promote the construction of campus roof greening, and organize party members and teachers to carry out campus green love and green protection volunteer labor。Formulate management systems such as "School Canteen Outsourcing Operation Management System" and "School Canteen Supervision System"。Regular garbage removal, carefully improve the garbage ledger records。 We will promote the classification and reduction of household waste and kitchen waste。The greening management of the school is scientific, the greening rate of the campus is more than 35%, and the humanistic landscape construction of the campus public places is paid attention to。