Notice on 2020-2021 winter vacation related work

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Notice on 2020-2021 winter vacation related work

, Department, section, room:

According to the "Shanghai Education System COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group" of the Municipal Education CommissionNotice on the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 during the Winter Vacation and Spring Semester of 2021 (Shanghai Education Commission (2020) No. 58) requirements and school calendar arrangements, the winter vacation of the 2020-2021 academic year will start from January 23 to February 28, and the semester will start on March 1。Specific arrangements are as follows:

First, the arrangement for students to leave school on the wrong peak in winter vacation

1.Due to epidemic prevention and control needsStudents are in principle done with the examAfter you can arrange to leave school, three departments配合The Student Affairs Department should do a good job in the statistics of students' leaving time。

2.Secondary and higher vocational students after completing the corresponding teaching arrangementsThe second day即可离校,Before school opensNot without approval返校。中职Teaching arrangement结束The time is between1月20Vocational teaching arrangementSee the attachment for the end time

3.Students who do not leave school for special reasons, take an individualReport, signature of the main person in charge of the department,Student affairs departmentBy way of filing,One person, one policy, strictly implement all management work。

4.Students in their hometown are currently in medium-high risk areasIn principle, those who do not go home and do need to leave school must do a good job of personal protection, and the Student Department shall implement a one-person policy according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements。

Second, the staff winter vacation timeRelevant arrangement

1.2021January 23 - February 25Day for the faculty winter vacation,Start on February 26Do all the preparatory work for the beginning of the semester。The working hours of the staff are in the morning9:00~15:30。

2.Party and government officials will be in charge from January 23 to February 2, as long as they are prepared for the end of the semester5Take turns off during the day。

3.Logistics service department and various workersPost personnel: According to the college, the overall work of the school and the campus疫情Prevention and control, safety assurance, equipment and facilities adjustment and maintenance需要,January 23 - February 25Day by dayDepartment leader安排Work or take a break

Winter vacation teachers and staff health management requirements

1.During the winter vacation, the health reporting system for teachers, students and employees will continue to be strictly implemented。

2.In principle, all teachers, students and employees are not allowed to leave the country or go to medium-high risk areas in China. In Shanghai, teachers, students and employees must report to the department when leaving Shanghai。

3.Teachers, students and staff should enhance their awareness of personal protection, carry masks with them, avoid crowded places, especially places with poor air mobility, and wear masks in crowded closed places。

4.Before leaving school, students and staff should report to the department, take personal protection during the outing, and report the travel information in time after returning to school。

Notes for teachers, students and staff at the beginning of the semester

1.中、Vocational studentregisterPost-holiday education安排

日  期

项  目

Person in charge

内  容

February 26, 2021 (Fri)

Secondary Vocational School: Residential students Return to school (8:00 ~ 11:00)

A teacher in charge of a class

Student return to school, post-vacation education, book distribution, zero report

Secondary Vocational School: Non-residential students Return to school (12:00 ~ 13:00)

中职:registerAfter-school education (13:00 ~ 16:00)

27 February 2021 (Sat)

Higher vocational education: Residential students return to school


A teacher in charge of a class

Student return to school, post-vacation education, book distribution, zero report

28 February 2021 (Sun)

Vocational College: Non-residential students Return to school (8:30 ~ 9:30)

28 February 2021 (Sun)

高职:registerPost-holiday education (9:30 ~ 15:00)

Note: Please refer to the campus network for detailed work arrangement- Service Portal - Student Announcement "2020 Winter Break before and after work Tips"。

2.Vocational college students补考安排

高职学生On February 25 (Thursday) 1:00-4:00 p.m., the make-up test will be held on February 26-28Day (Friday, Saturday,周日Make up the exam (see the campus website for detailed arrangements- Teaching Service Platform notice)。

3.Teachers, students and staff should strictly follow the requirements of Shanghai on epidemic prevention and control before school starts14 days to conduct self-health management。

4.The lack of medium-high risk areas and the removal of medium-high risk areas in ChinaStudents and staff who have been in school for 14 days will not return to school temporarily. If they do need to return to school, they must implement centralized (home) health management and two COVID-19 nucleic acid tests in accordance with the relevant requirements of Shanghai, and can apply for returning to school after completing the health management and the test results meet the relevant requirements。

5.The family members of teachers, students and staff living together areFor those who return to Shanghai from overseas or medium-high risk areas in China from February 1, relevant teachers, students and staff should report to the college,Report and make self-health management in accordance with the relevant requirements of Shanghai。

Five, winter holiday duty arrangement

1.A duty room is set up on campus during the winter vacation。The staff on duty shall be arranged by the Security Section.科级The above cadres serve (see campus network for specific arrangements- Information Portal -Duty roster), responsible for dealing with the related work during the winter vacation of the campus。

2.Each department implements the duty system of two days a week in winter vacation。Duty hours 9:00 ~ 15:30 every Tuesday and Friday (excluding the Spring Festival), the duty place is in the office of each department。Shift scheduleDate included、姓名、手机、地点事务)请于1月15Submitted before the present day院、校Office teacher Zhang Yan

3.During the Spring Festival, official vehicles shall be sealed up and off the road。Other winter holidays except Spring FestivalOfficial car, please contact院、校Chief officeZhang Yan teacher contact

Six, before the winter holiday safety inspection requirements

In order to ensure the safety and stability of the campus during the winter vacation,By January 22, eachDepartment, department, section, roomThe person responsible for safety shall belong to the office and experiment实训Self-check the safety conditions of other places, and rectify the problems in time。

During the winter holiday校园(实行Specific provisions on the control of epidemic prevention and control详见Campus network- Service Portal - Administrative Announcement



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