Numerical control technology application open training center is a public training service platform shared by vocational and technical schools, colleges and universities, enterprises and society, a scientific research base for applied research topics, and a place for academic exchange of training teachers。Training center area5090Square meters, with advanced CNC turning, CNC milling, machining center, electric discharge forming machine, slow wire cutting, coordinate measuring instrument and other CNC practical training equipment and basic skills of turning, milling, grinding equipment220Multiple sets;Near owned200Sets and "CNC technology processing", "mold design and manufacturing" and other teaching trainingCADCAMCAPDAnd computer numerical control programming, computer numerical control simulation training room and precision technology measurement training room;There are complete experimental and practical training instructions matching with teaching training, and task-led skills training modules。The integrated teaching of theory and practice, classroom and site, process and skills fully reflects the modularization and linkage of training mode。Training center is also equipped with a set of teaching, production, scientific research as one of the two teachers,And integrate professional teaching, skill training and assessment,Comprehensive and multi-level CNC technology vocational education, social training, vocational qualification, employment and re-employment training and teacher education,Strive to train a large number of urgently needed knowledge and skills talents for the society。