Chongyang love and common development - The college held a symposium on "Respect for the Elderly Day" for retired staff (Yat Sen Campus)

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  The autumn wind to send cool, golden cinnamon fragrance, year after year, today and Chongyang。In order to welcome the upcoming 36th Respect for the Elderly Day in Shanghai, on the afternoon of October 18, 2023, the retired staff of Shanghai Advanced Industrial School (Yixian Campus) celebrated the "36th Respect for the Elderly Day in Shanghai" symposiumLecture Hall 2, 9th Floor, complex Building。Wang Zhenjun, Party Secretary of Higher Vocational College of Shanghai University of Engineering Science and Shanghai Senior Technical School,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Mei Yunduan,Vice President Zhu Jianjun and Xu Yi,Jin Hui, deputy secretary of the General branch of the retired Party of the university and director of the withdrawal Management Association, and more than 20 retired comrades participated in the meeting,The symposium was presided over by Secretary Mei Yunduan。

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  At the symposium, Secretary Wang Zhenjun extended holiday greetings to all the retired comrades,I wish all the old comrades good health and happiness,The current work process of the school was informed to everyone,The article mainly introduces the cadre appointment work of the university in 2023,Through employment, a group of young comrades who want to work and can work with responsibility will be arranged to various important posts,It has laid a solid foundation for promoting the development of the university's future work,It is hoped that all the old comrades will contribute their suggestions to the development of the college,Create new glory。Zhu Jianjun, Vice president of the College, hopes that the retired staff can enjoy their old age, give full play to the advantages of rich experience in vocational education, care for and support the work of the college as always, and actively offer suggestions for the high-quality development of the college。

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  They thanked the school leaders for their concern for the retired staff, expressed their deep feelings for the school, hoped that the school would develop better and better, and put forward their own suggestions for the development of the school from different perspectives。

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  The forum was held in a warm and warm atmosphere, and everyone spoke freely。Through this symposium, the centripetal force and cohesion of the school have been further enhanced, and a platform has been built for the retired staff and the school to develop the same frequency resonance, which helps the school to gather the experience and wisdom of the retired comrades to jointly promote the development of the school。

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